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Younilook Cosmetic Readers

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Applying makeup and grooming just got easier: YOUNILOOK lets you see the smallest details clearly.

YOUNILOOK is a Portable Vision Assistance Tool for Makeup Application and Grooming that easily and conveniently attaches to your bathroom mirror.

Stop struggling to see details when applying makeup or grooming. Let YOUNILOOK magnifies, corrects vison and illuminates so to see yourself Clearer, Bigger and Brighter. Plus, they don’t get in the way and are portable.

YOUNILOOK works as an ingenious and easy-to-use portable vision assistance tool that uses illuminated, vision correcting and magnifying optical lenses that let you see clearer, bigger and brighter when applying makeup or performing other grooming tasks in front of a mirror. Applying false eyelashes, mascara, lipstick, tweezing, putting in contact lenses or performing other facial grooming tasks just got easier.

Younilook features:
  • Includes a lens case containing 4 lens inserts to correct from +1.0 to +3.75 for clearer vision during personal grooming,
  • Optional On/Off LED light illuminates for the ideal lighting in any situation,
  • Peel-and-place micro-suction tape allows you to secure Younilook quickly and easily to your home mirror and remove for travel,
  • Compact and discreet.
Who is this for?

Whether you are farsighted, a common vision problem affecting more that 60% of the population, or just need a little help to see details more clearly, YOUNILOOK’s patented technology is the solution for you.

Why struggle to see clearly in the mirror. Makeup readers don’t magnify and get in the way of what you are doing. Magnified vanity mirrors don’t provide vision correction and often distort your reflection. Plus, they take up a lot of space and are not portable.

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Younilook Cosmetic Readers
$79.00 Regular price


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