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Soniclear Body Brush

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Antimicrobial Soniclear Brush Head

$22.00 Regular price

The Soniclear's brush heads, bristles and brush caps were submitted to a leading international testing laboratory for antimicrobial testing in accordance with the globally recognized ISO 22196 protocol which measures the bacterial growth that may occur on a product surface after being exposed to two common forms of bacteria. After 24 hours, all treated Soniclear surfaces showed 99.9% clear inhibition of stain and odor causing bacteria compared to the untreated control. Also, the Soniclear's antimicrobial brushes stay fresh and clean for 6 months before needing to be replaced. An industry first, traditional sonic skin cleansing systems do not provide this protection.

Soniclear uses antimicrobial brushes to guard against stain and odor causing bacteria. FOREO and PMD cleansing devices do not.

*The antimicrobial body brush head is compatible with the Soniclear Elite and is suitable for all skin types.

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Soniclear Body Brush
$22.00 Regular price
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