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Sonicblend Pro Brush Head No.20

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Sonicblend Pro Replacement Brush Head

$19.00 Regular price

Enjoy the tightly-packed antimicrobial brush bristles of the Universal Round Top Makeup Brush Head for use with Sonicblend Pro. Antimicrobial protected brush bristles protect against 99% of bacteria that can grow on brush heads between use.

*This Antimicrobial Brush Head is for use only with the Sonicblend Pro Sonic Makeup Brush. Not compatible with regular Sonicblend Sonic Makeup Brush.

A makeup brush using sonic technology to apply makeup that is so novel and unique it is has been granted a US patent.

*The Sonicblend Pro Brush Head No.20 is for use with the Sonicblend Pro Makeup Brush only. Not compatible with the Sonicblend makeup Brush.

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Sonicblend Pro Brush Head No.20
$19.00 Regular price