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Sonic Makeup Application Brush

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Fall in love with your polished, airbrushed-like, flawlessly finished complexion that only Sonicblend Pro can give you. Sonicblend Pro is an award-winning and patent-based sonic makeup brush that has changed the way we apply our liquid, cream, powder, and mineral makeup for a completely elevated final look. You will love how Sonicblend Pro quickly and easily applies your favorite makeup for a perfectly even, blended, and seamless finish. It even improves the look of fine lines and enlarged pores all in one simple step. Enjoy the professional version with a 20% power increase for an even more flawless makeup application.

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Sonicblend Pro
$79.00 Regular price
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Flawless Skin Starters
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  • More even application of makeup
  • More efficient use of makeup
  • Faster makeup application
  • Prevents makeup from setting into fine lines