8 Gift Ideas for The Ultimate Skincare Lover

Skincare has taken over the beauty industry over the past few years. One of the reasons is more people are practicing self-care. In fact, 80% of Americans have intended to be more mindful about self-care practices since the pandemic. If we can take some positives out of the COVID-19 pandemic, this would be one of them.  Whether it’s a facial and wine night with friends or perfecting your morning skincare routine, these self-care practices are here to stay. So why not gift a luxe night eye cream to your mom this year or new facial cleansing brush to someone who wouldn’t usually buy it for themselves?  

Skincare is a great a great investment and will definitely put a smile on your loved ones faces. Especially because most products are small, travel friendly, and help your skin stay healthy. If you are stuck on the best products to gift and looking for some help, look no further! Here is Michael Todd Beauty’s ultimate skincare gift guide.  


 1) Skincare Bundles  

Bundles are a great way to get friends or family members who are still new into skincare a going start. Whether you are looking for products to tackle problem areas or tools to rejuvenate your complexion, there is a great bundle to be gifted! Michael Todd Beauty offers specific bundles like ones to target acne or anti-aging 


 2) Face Masks  

Face masks are a fun way to decompress and revitalize irritated skin. We love the idea of gifting ‘DIY’ face mask kits as a great way to bond with your loved one or friend. But, if you think they would be more into just sitting back and relaxing without the extra steps, this detoxifying mask is also a great hit! 


 3) Skincare Mini Fridge 

There’s nothing more spa-like than a good skincare mini-fridge. Mini-fridges for skincare have become increasingly popular over the past few years and it is a great way to keep your products fresh and soothing on your skin. Not to mention it makes a skincare routine feel THAT much more luxurious.  


4) Face Roller 

Face rollers are a popular tool people use for skincare. They are used to boost circulation, tighten skin, and reduce puffiness on your face. Bonus, they can also be used on your body as well! The Michael Todd Beauty’s Sonic Sculpt is a great stocking stuffer or gifted tool for a friend. Not only does help contour your face and body, but it now comes with new detachable obsidian globes!  



5) Scalp Masks 

 Most of the time we aren't thinking about the health of our scalp. But making sure our scalps are moisturized and protected will help your overall health of your hair as well. It’s important to use a scalp mask once or twice per week to treat and nourish damage. This might sound like an odd gift, but your friends and their skin will thank you down the road.  


6) Serum Infusers 

This is our favorite product on the list for many reasons. Serum infusers are a game changer for skincare. Infusers help emulate firmer, brighter, smoother skin within minutes. This is because the serum infusers help with better absorption and faster results. Your friends and family will not want to take their hands of the Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Eraser Pro. This device has innovative technology that drives your serums and creams to a deeper level of the epidermis.  


7) Body Creams 

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of moisturizing, and your skincare loving relatives can't either. That’s why body creams as a gift idea are a no brainer! This luxury body butter infused with antioxidant-rich extracts nourishes your skin with maximum moisture. Your friends can use this, or use it as a gift to yourself, to sooth and hydrate your skin without leaving excess oils behind.  

 8) Digital Gift Cards  

Giving a digital gift card to friends or family is the ultimate gifting idea. Not only will your loved ones learn about new brands but for your picky loved ones, they can now personalize a gift themselves. Michael Todd Beauty is offering digital gift cards; great gifts for last minute shopping or if you are stuck on what amazing tool to get for your friend! Each digital gift card is sent to your email with a personalized code to enter at checkout, quick and easy for the holidays.

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