Sonic Sculpt

Sonic Face & Body Contouring Device

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Sonic Sculpt is the world’s first and only sonic face & body contouring ice & heat roller (also can be used at room temperature) that uses detachable medical grade stainless steel treatment globes that target areas of sagging skin with the uplifting sonic technology to tone while soothing and relaxing muscles.

Lifting, firming, and rolling with the Sonic sculpt stimulates and helps to boost natural collagen production in the inner layers of your skin. Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, depuffing areas of skin such as the under-eye area, relief of aches, and muscle tension are some of the benefits you can expect in addition to the lifting of sagging areas of the skin. Being detachable, allows the globes to be frozen/iced or placed in hot/warm water to heat to achieve more significant results.

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Sonic Sculpt
$69.00 Regular price

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Cleanse + Glow
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  • Lifts sagging areas of skin
  • Contours the face & body
  • Relieves aches & muscle tension
  • Massages away fine lines & wrinkles
  • Restores and hydrates the skin
  • Serum infusion