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Study Results:

After 14 days of use participants reported the following:

・100% reported cleaner, softer, healthier looking skin

・100% reported brighter, more youthful looking skin

・100% reported less dry patches

・90% reported less pore congestion

・87% reported firmer looking skin

・69% reported a reduction in the look of fine lines & wrinkles

Fall in love with a fresh, radiant and healthy-looking complexion with our dermatologist recommended and multi-patented sonic cleansing facial brush. The Soniclear Petite is suitable for all skin types and all skin tones. Enjoy the powerful yet gentle sonic removal of pore-blocking impurities and dead skin. Daily use of the Soniclear Petite leaves your skin feeling refreshed, cleaner, softer, smoother and healthier-looking. In addition, fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, blocked pores and rough areas both look and feel noticeably better. Also, the Soniclear's antimicrobial brushes stay cleaner, fresher for 3 months before needing to be replaced. An industry first, traditional sonic skin cleansing systems do not provide this protection. PBA FREE.

*Please note recommended for use only with 5V 1A or 5V 2A wall charger or via USB slot on your personal computer. Any wall charger with different specs can cause the unit to overheat.

Waterproof and Water Submersible

Soniclear is both waterproof and fully water submersible. This allows you to take your cleansing brush into the shower or bath with you for ease and convenience of use.

3 Speed Settings

Having adjustable speed/power settings allows you to find the speed just right for your skin. As your skin changes, you are able to adjust the speed/power to match your changing needs.

Automatic Timer

Your Soniclear will beep every 20 seconds signaling you to move to the next area. This will help you standardize your cleanse instead of over cleansing one area and under cleansing another. The Automatic Timer helps to ensure optimal beauty benefits and even absorption of skin care products.

Buffed Bristle Tips

Each one of Soniclear’s Brush Bristles is perfectly buffed to prevent scratching or irritation.

3 Year Warranty

Enjoy years of carefree cleansing.

2 Hour Running Battery Life

Experience the convenience of a fully rechargeable and long-lasting battery life. USB rechargeable NiMH battery used is safe for travel in carry-on luggage or checked baggage (lithium-free).
Step 1

Apply cleanser to a wet brush head
Step 2

Power on Soniclear and start making overlapping circular movements over the face and neck.
Step 3

Rinse skin and brush head clean and enjoy your glowing, silky smooth complexion.
Step 4

Enjoy cleaner happier skin.

What's included:

1 Soniclear Sonic Cleansing Brush

1 Antimicrobial Face Brush Head

1 Hardshell Travel Case

1 USB Cord


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