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Reasons Why Women Need This Laser Hair Removal System.

Person using a handheld device on their leg by a pool.

Since its recent release, the Lumos IPL has quickly gained popularity, selling out multiple times and attracting a growing base of loyal customers.

The Lumos IPL is already making waves in the beauty world, delivering on its promise of effective, permanent hair removal in 4 weeks.

Close-up of an armpit with partially grown hair, labeled 'Before.'

1. Results in 4 Weeks or Your Money Back!

With many customers reporting significant hair removal in under 2 weeks, our Advanced IPL technology delivers the most EFFECTIVE results with GUARANTEED results in 4 weeks.

2. Pain-Free Results! Say Bye To Nicks, Cuts And Burns From Shaving

Our advanced IPL technology is designed with 9 energy levels for customizable treatments to ensure pain-free and effective use!

Handheld hair removal device resting on a person's leg near the poolside.

3. Safe & Non-Toxic To Use

Lumos IPL is FDA-cleared and thoroughly tested to the most rigorous standards to deliver permanent results that won’t damage your skin.

A woman using a handheld beauty device in front of a bathroom mirror.

4. Fast Results, Even Faster Treatments

With area treatments as fast as 10 minutes, permanent hair removal happens in 4 weeks!

Person using a handheld device on their thigh for hair removal or skin treatment.

5. Safe On Sensitive Skin

Lumos IPL is designed to be safe and effective for use on different skin types, with a skin tone sensor that ensures safe use on a variety of skin tones.

Comparison of hair removal costs: shaving, waxing, laser, and Lumos IPL.

6. Cost Effective & Convenient

Why Pay More? Get Laser Results for Less! Choosing Lumos IPL is a no-brainer for your wallet. Get permanent hair reduction at home for a fraction of salon prices.

Before and after armpit hair removal comparison.

7. Try it for 30 Days Risk-free

We love our Lumos IPL and are confident you will too! That’s why we're offering a 30-day, risk-free trial. If you're not in love with your results, we'll give you a refund.

A smiling couple in a pool hold handheld devices.

8. Over 1,000,000 Happy Customers

Discover the reason why over 1 million people have chosen Michael Todd Beauty for their beauty needs. With the Lumos IPL, you can trust that you're getting a product that has been tried and tested by countless satisfied customers. Join the countless women who have said goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to smoother, more radiant skin with the Lumos IPL from Michael Todd Beauty.

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Purple handheld laser hair removal device with 'FDA Cleared' and 'World's No.1' emblems.

Visible results in just 2 weeks

Pain-free & effective hair removal from home

Coolmax cooling & UV filter

999,999 flashes for lifetime use


Sell-Out Risk: High

Raving Reviews From Our Customers


Over 1 Million+ Happy Customers











A person using a handheld device on their thigh.

Love It or Your Money Back

Experience the freedom of smooth skin with Lumos IPL, backed by our hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Permanent Hair Removal in 4 Weeks

Pain-Free Hair Removal with CoolMax Technology

FDA-Cleared and Professionally Validated  

999,999 Flashes for Lifetime Use  

Try Lumos IPL Risk-Free & Get 20% Off

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


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