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Mastering Makeup Minimalism: Elevate Your Look Effortlessly

Kao Sori & How You Can Use It To Reveal Youthful Skin

There are many ways to remove facial hair from waxing to threading, and even laser hair removal. "Kao Sori," on the other hand, is a popular skincare practice in Japan where women will take straight edge razors and shave their face for a smooth, radiant complexion. Doing so exfoliates the skin to maximize skincare absorption of their multiple-step skincare routines.

"I cannot stress enough the importance of proper exfoliation for maintaining youthful skin. With the Sonicsmooth, you'll see immediate results. Don't wait to transform your skincare routine."

Dr. Jonathan White

Save Time and Money

Dermaplaning treatments can often be professionally done at the med spa but they cost nearly $150 per treatment and your time. On the other hand, Sonicsmooth is an easy-to-use sonic dermaplaning device with professional-grade blades that can be used in the comfort of your own home.

Award-Winning, Best Selling

Sonicsmooth is our bestselling, award-winning sonic dermaplaning tool. With replacement tips that have a built-in safety guard, you get all the same benefits without compromising on safety and irritating your skin. To top it off, the sonic technology in Sonicsmooth will not only give you transformative results, but a superior dermaplaning experience overall.

Safe for At-Home Use

Sonic movements allows the Sonicsmooth to glide over the skin more smoothly, reducing friction and any risk of irritation

Quality Exfoliation

Removes dead skin more effectively than traditional face razors, leading to a more thorough exfoliation

Hair Removal

The sonic technology lifts the fine hairs away from the skin, ensuring closer and more efficient hair removal without any pulling or discomfort

User Experience

Devices with sonic movements often provide a more enjoyable and less intimidating experience compared to traditional dermaplaning tools or razor blades, making them ideal for at-home use

"Looking for a dermatologist-approved way to remove dead skin and peach fuzz? The Sonicsmooth is the answer. Experience the difference it makes to your skin's appearance and texture." - Dr. Jonathan White

Dr. Jonathan White



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