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Top 7 Skin Care Tips for Those in Their 30’s

The age of 30 is when we start to see some changes in our skin's appearance.  While we think skin care prevention and maintenance is essential at all ages, if you're over 30, and you don’t have a skin care regimen in place, you need to get one!

Taking Care of Your Skin in Your 30’s

...Begins with consistency, especially if skin care to you meant just washing your face with soap. Your 30’s is when fine lines and wrinkles start to appear and guess what, they will only get worse if you don’t have a plan of action. So if you want to find out the Top 7 Skin Care Tips for Those in Their 30’s continue reading!

TIP 1: Ingredients, Ingredients, Ingredients!

We can’t stress this enough, but the ingredients in your skin care products are one of the most important factors when it comes to skin care.  Also what is not in it is just as important!

Ingredients to stay away from:

With the Michael Todd Beauty skincare line, you will hear us say "You'll love what's in it. You'll love even more what's not."

This statement is very true, just think about it! So, many consumers have started purchasing organic food because they do not want to expose themselves to harmful pesticides and chemicals. That’s the same reason people are turning to skin care products made with certified organic ingredients: they want to have all the benefits of great beauty products without the unhealthy ingredients. Just like with food, your skin absorbs much of what you place on it, so instead of harmful ingredients use healthy ingredients.

Tip 2: Look for Products Without Artificial Fragrance and Dyes

Yeah, we know that they can smell nice and can be super appealing, but many of people are sensitive to artificial fragrances and dyes without even realizing it. Both synthetic fragrances and dyes are two additives known to cause irritation.

It’s always important for us to avoid additives that can irritate but especially in our 30’s. Why do you ask? Because it leads to inflammation in the skin which is one of the leading causes of premature aging. A better option is to look for lightly scented products with essential oils and completely free from artificial dyes.

TIP 3: Look for Ingredients That Will Benefit the Skin

In addition to staying away from harmful ingredients, you also want to look for products that are going to help your skin.  If you pull out your skin care products, you want to look at some of the first ingredients. A lot of skin care lines use water as their first ingredient and although water is great to drink it only dilutes and doesn’t add any value to the ingredients.

You also want to stay away from products that have alcohol or mineral oils as a base—and just like water—these only serve as fillers and can dry or suffocate the skin.

Tip 4: Other Key Ingredients in Skin Care Products for Those in Their 30’s

Aside from those fine lines, that can eventually turn to wrinkles, as we age; we also start to lose our complexion’s youthful look.  When this happens our face starts to sag, crack, and crinkle, all in which can affect the way we reflect light, making us look even older. 

To help combat some of these issues, we suggest products like our Daily Renewal Serum. This serum is an ideal way to improve the look of your complexion, giving you more radiant, youthful looking skin that reflects light in a beneficial way.

Bottom line as our skin matures it is imperative that we enhance it with proper ingredients like peptides, antioxidants, Vitamin C, emollient-rich hydrators and soothing natural extracts.


Tip 5: Switch Up Your Routine

Switch it up! Yes, consistency is key when it comes to finding a routine that works for you. However, our skin is much like our bodies, for example, if we do the same routine at the gym for months at a time, our results start to plateau. For example, if you are trying to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, switching up a product or a method of exfoliating, will give your complexion the boost it needs to achieve those sought after results. Often using a different day serum verses night serum will achieve this, or you can try to change up a treatment serum once a month and switch back to the original after a month so as not to waste the original.

Tip 6: Always Take Off Your Makeup at Night

Your makeup holds on to dust and dirt that you are subjected throughout the day.  Sleeping with your makeup on can expose you to some of these environmental pollutants. All of this leaves a film on our face acting as a barrier to skincare products.  This buildup can also cause an uneven skin tone, roughness, create false wrinkles, clog our pores, and leaving you prone to breakouts. And if that wasn't bad enough, all of these will also make you appear older! Yuk, we know!

Tip 7: Watch What You Eat

In our 30’s we tend to “over schedule" ourselves, and finding the time to eat a well-balanced, clean, meal can be tricky.  While we understand it’s much easier to swing through the fast food drive-through on the way home from soccer practice with a car full of kiddies than to cook a well-balanced meal, you need to dial back on doing this.

The problem with this quick fix is that our complexion directly reflects the quality of food we consume.  Hence you need to make time to plan a healthy, clean, meal, and your skin will reflect your efforts.

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