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This Celeb-Loved Skincare Treatment Will Leave Your Skin Ultra Smooth

We have probably all heard the word by now or at least have seen videos of your favorite celebrities getting their spa treatments with this device. Dermaplaning has been around for a few decades but since the rise of skincare on social media, this treatment has been the most sought out. We sat down with master esthetician at Michael Todd Beauty, Melissa Posin, to talk about the benefits of dermaplaning and find out if this is just another skincare fad or if it is here to stay.  

What is Dermaplaning? 

Before we can get into the benefits of this treatment, first let's talk about what dermaplaning really is. Dermaplaning is a facial procedure which uses a sharp-edged tool to gently remove fine hairs and dead skin cells on your face. This first started as a treatment your favorite celebs were getting (Lizzo, Carrie Underwood, Reese Witherspoon). But skincare brands quickly jumped on the bandwagon, creating unique tools for people to enjoy at home. Some made tools with blades attached to the tools for 1 time use. Others like Michael Todd Beauty make devices, like the Sonicsmooth, a sonic technology device that comes with detachable blades for a perfect treatment each use. One can use this treatment on one's forehead, jawline, cheeks, even nose and chin.   


How Dermaplaning Works 

This at-home skincare treatment is easy to use and non-invasive. First, prep your skin by using a cleanser and then pat dry. Next, glide your device in a downwards motion across the contours of your skin. Use two fingers of your free hand to hold your skin tightly back towards your ear, helping with precision and results. After you are done, apply a serum to sooth and hydrate your skin. For the best results, try dermaplaning once a week with a fresh blade.  


Benefits of Dermaplaning 

There are many benefits to this luxury skincare routine. One of our favorite benefits is how it exfoliates away dead skin. There are millions of microscopic cells all over your body. While you sleep, your skin sheds these skin cells. Unknowingly, most are left behind on your face! Devices like the Sonicsmooth help lift those left behind dead cells off your face with sonic technology. Dermaplaning is also great for reducing fine lines, wrinkles and removing unwanted facial hair, for instant glowing results and smoother makeup applications.  


Misconceptions about Dermaplaning 

Although there are lots of benefits from regularly dermaplaning, some people are skeptical based on misconceptions. One big misconception is that it makes your hair grow back thicker and darker, like regular shaving. This is FALSE! Melissa Posin says, “dermaplaning involves the vellus hair being cut at a mid-way point. During treatment, hair follicles and roots are not affected in any way! Which makes it scientifically impossible for the hair to then grow back darker or thicker”.  

Another misconception about dermaplaning is that it will cause breakouts. This is also FALSE! Posin suggests, “dermaplaning is an exfoliation treatment, meant to prevent breakouts rather than cause. By taking off the extra dead skin from your face, dermaplaning unclogs pores to stop pimples from forming”.  


Whether dermaplaning is for you or not, this skincare regimen is here and here to stay!  


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