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The Best Winter Beauty Tips Revealed

While the weather outside may be frightful, this doesn’t mean your skin and makeup need to be as well.  During these cold winter months, our beauty regimen can sure be affected by these blistering cold winds. So today, we wanted to share with you some tips to still have that radiant beauty, even in the winter months.


Prep your lips with exfoliation and moisturize.

Moisturize: Your lips can get parched and flaky in the winter months. Making your pout not so irresistibly soft.  Therefore, it is important to moisturize your lips.

Lip Products: Stay away from using a thick lip gloss.  The cold wind makes it a complete mess when you find your hair or even the fuzz from a scarf, sticking to your mouth.  Instead, go with a moisturizing lipstick.

Exfoliate: To remove the excess dead skin you want to exfoliate your lips! While we have seen a couple of brands marketing lip exfoliating scrubs, what we have found what works just as well is a moisturizing facial scrub! We like this idea as it can be used in other areas aside from just your lips, which can help to save you money! A product like the Michael Todd’s Tropical Fruit Scrub works nicely for this purpose because you are getting the exfoliating power not just from the scrub but also from the enzymes in the papaya and pineapple. You can put a dab of scrub on your fourth finger and gently work over the lip area with small circular motions. The sweet tropical fruit scent is perfect to help ward off those winter blues. Plus, you’re enhancing your lips with hydrating ingredients like a banana puree and coconut oil.



This is one area you cannot neglect this time of year, especially if you are prone to dry, flaky, irritated skin! The BEST advice we can give you to battling dry winter skin is to stop the problem before it starts.

See tips below:

•Make sure the water temperature you are cleansing with is lukewarm and not too hot.

•Trade out your gel cleanser for a more emollient rich milk or cream cleanser for the winter months.

•Make sure you keep on top of exfoliation. This is something we think more about in the summer because we are concerned with removing build-up from sweat, humidity, and sunscreen but it is just as important in the winter. 

Sonic skin cleansing is an ideal way to help slough off dead skin cells so that fresh skin can more easily receive the hydrating ingredients in your serums or moisturizers as well as prepping your skin for makeup application.

•Invest in products that contain Hyaluronic Acid. HA is such a versatile ingredient for all skin types and skin concerns. More mature skin will love its water binding plumping effect that provides a more youthful look. The younger skin will love its ability to hydrate without being too heavy or clogging the pores.



Adding a glow to your skin can be done by changing up your highlighting & contouring routine, as the products you used in the summer more than likely will not work in the winter months. 

Contouring: Because our skin is fairer in the winter months, contouring incorrectly can give you that dirty look making your skin appear dull. One way to overcome this is by adding some color over the bronzer to lift and brighten your skin.

Highlighting: One color does not fit all, especially with the change of seasons.  See some of our suggestions below on selecting a color to fit your winter skintone.

•Fair Skin: Stick with a champagne luster.

•Medium-to-Olive Skin Tones: Look for something with a gold undertone.

•Dark Skin: Stay away from highlighters that have a frosty hue as these can add a gray shade to your skin, instead apply a color that has more of a rose gold to it.


Using The Proper Makeup Brush

The right makeup brush can make all the difference when it comes to applying your makeup. So, to ensure that your complexion is as even and flawless as possible, apply your makeup with our Sonicblend makeup brush. 

The Michael Todd Beauty Sonicblend is the first of its kind makeup brush, that applies your makeup at sonic movements.  The SonicBlend will apply your makeup flawlessly at up to 400 micro-movements per second.  The makeup brush is a versatile brush and can be used to apply your foundation, setting powder, and bronzer without lines or streaks for airbrushed-like results every time!  Additionally, you can use this makeup brush for highlighting.  So, if you want to use it before your foundation to create an under glow, or over to create that bright, radiant finish, you will be able to do so all with one makeup brush!

Properly Hydrate Ourselves By Drinking More Water

You want to drink at least ½ your body weight in ounces of water per day. Example, a 150lb woman, should drink at least 75 ounces per day. Hydrating both internally and externally is the key to keeping Winter Skin luminous and in its best condition.


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