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Beauty Essentials To Pack In Your Thanksgiving Travel Bag

Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time of the year, with traffic delays, busy airports, and roads. These travels can be stressful and can also be tough on your skin. Therefore, it is crucial for you to pack the right skincare products to help you at any time and Michael Todd Beauty is here to help!

So, if you want to find out the beauty essentials you need to pack in your thanksgiving travel bag, continue reading.

Environmental Factors
When traveling, we are exposing ourselves to tons of damaging elements, especially in a crowded airport. Elements like dust, sweat, and even makeup can be culprits! Not to mention the lack of sleep and that not so healthy diet. All of which can affect our body and skin negatively! So, make sure to pack an excellent toner for you to wipe away all this nastiness, and our Cranberry Antiox Hydrating Antioxidant Toner is here to the rescue. Which also comes in a travel size! Plus, it’s cranberry, perfect for Thanksgiving, right?

Michael Todd Beauty Cranberry antiox toner for the holiday season



Stress from the holidays can cause also breaks out. Additionally, low humidity this time of year can dry out your skin and cause your oil glands to go into a frenzy and can trigger some flare-ups. In addition to keeping hydrated, trying a product with hyaluronic acid, like our Hyaluronic Complex Ultra Moisturizing & Soothing Serum can help to plump the skin. Additionally, this product can improve the look of redness, dullness and dry patches for a healthier looking complexion.

When traveling we are often exposed to recycled air which can further dehydrate the skin, so keeping your skin hydrated is essential. This goes for your lips, hands, elbows and any other popular dry spots. Hence, you want to make sure that you are packing something to help revive your skin and don't forget to drink tons of water, your skin will thank you!

Michael Todd Beauty Travel Beauty Tool Essentials

Don’t Forget Your Beauty Tools
While you do not want to be overpacking with these beauty tools, bringing a few of them along with you can be a lifesaver, especially with a long layover or flight delay.

Whether it is a quick makeup touchup with our Sonicblend or applying some moisturizer to your dehydrated skin using a Michael Todd Beauty Soniceraser Pro; we have made our beauty tools portable, and our cordless charging makes it easy to bring these beauty tools anywhere!

So, as you can see regardless of your travel plans, you do not want to say Bon Voyage to your skincare. Instead, you want to make sure to implement some of the skincare travel tips above; you and you skin will be thankful you did!

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