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Patented Professional-Grade Wet/Dry Sonic Microdermabrasion & Pore Extraction System

What it is:

Sonic Refresher is a Professional-Grade Wet/Dry Sonic Microdermabrasion System for Home Use.
With an innovative 3-Speed Sonic Wet/Dry soothing Micromist™ technology, combined with vacuum suction and diamond tips Sonic Refresher exfoliates dead dull skin for professional-grade results. Leaves skin feeling firmer, fresher and more radiant while helping to stimulate anti-aging processes in the skin. It delivers professional-grade results at home with sonic speed at 11,000 movements per minute.

sonic refresher

Complete Accompanying Kit includes:

1 Coarse Diamond Tip, 1 Fine Diamond Tip, 1 Small Fine Diamond Tip, 1 Funnel, 1 USB Charging Cable, 30 Disposable Filters

sonic refresher accessories

Who Should Use it?

All skin types. For more sensitive skin, use with the Fine Diamond Tip or the
Small Fine Diamond Tip with the Wet Feature (Micronized Mister).

  • Includes

    • 1 Coarse Diamond Tip

    • 1 Fine Diamond Tip

    • 1 Small Fine Diamond Tip

    • 3 Suction Tips

    • 1 Built in Micronized Misting w/Reusable Refill Bottle

    • 30 Disposable Filters

    • 3 Customizable Speeds

    • USB Charging Cable

    • 2 Year Warranty



    Step 1. REMOVE (Use C-coarse Tip)

    • Professional-grade exfoliation treatment with diamond encrusted metal tip and vacuum suction helps remove dulling dead skin, uneven texture and congestion while creating a smoother, healthier looking complexion with improvement in the appearance of dark spots, uneven tone, radiance, smoothness, fine lines and enlarged pores.

    Step 2. RESET (Use  S-small Tip)

    • Ergonomic sleek design allows you to reset the signs of aging by targeting fine lines, wrinkles and hard to reach places like around the nose area for a completely rejuvenated and more youthful look.

    Step 3. REFINE (Use F- fine Tip)

    • Finer diamond bits allow you to polish and smooth your way to a brighter, more radiant youthful look.
    • Preps skin for increased product absorption for accelerated anti-aging results. Creates a perfectly smooth skin surface for a flawless makeup application.

    Step 4. REHYDRATE with Micronized Mister

    • Transforms water or your favorite toner into a micronized mist to infuse freshly detoxified pores with soothing hydration.

    WET Mode for Extra Gentle Skin Rejuvenation

    • Hydrate and calm with the Micronized Mister while simultaneously rejuvenating the complexion with microdermabrasion for gentle skin smoothing benefits. Available in all 3 speed settings.

  • 1. Choose an Attachment Head and connect it to the Device. Ideally, Start with Step 1. C-Coarse tip. 

    2. Press the power button and choose intensity level. We recommend that you start with the lowest setting and try the Diamond Tip on your lower arm first. The Diamond Tip should NOT be pressed into the skin, rather, glide it across your skin. 

    3. Using your free hand, pull the skin of the target area taut and move the Device in an upward and outward direction in 1-2" sections. Never drag the Treatment Head over long areas of skin. Short strokes are best. 

    4. If you would prefer extra gentle skin rejuvenation, activate the MicroMist™ Technology during the treatment on any speed/power level. 

    5. The C-Coarse Tip can be used on any area of the face but is not recommended for use to close to the eyes. DO NOT use any of the the Treatment Tips on areas of rough or severely wrinkled skin such as elbows, knees, or ankles. 

    6. The S-Small Fine Precision Tip may be used with caution around the eye area. Do not use directly over the eye lids. 

    7. After completing the microdermabrasion treatment protocol, activate the MicroMist Sprayer that has been filled with water or your favorite soothing toner. This cool mist will help soothe the skin after a session. You may have to gently shake the Device to start the Mist Sprayer as occasionally an air bubble will form in the storage reservoir. 

    8.Cleaning and Maintenance. Remove the Attachment Head after using the Device and clean the head with alcohol or a foaming cleanser. Clean the Filter Cap and replace the sponge filter regularly when dirty. The Filter Cup and head attachments should be DRY before attaching to the Device. Clean Device with a damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.