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5 Reasons Why the Hydraskim Set is a Must-Have Multi-Tasking Skincare Bundle

If you are still waiting to see the results you desire from your skincare routine, the 24K Hydraskim Set from Michael Todd Beauty contains a duo of easy-to-use tools that will take your regimen to the next level.

1. Preps the Skin for Topical Treatments

The Hydraskim Set comes with two tools to help your skin be more receptive to skincare ingredients. Better absorption means you will get the best possible results from the products you are already using.

2. Detoxifies and Makes Extractions a Breeze

If you're prone to texture, blemishes, or clogged pores, both tools in this bundle will help you detoxify to achieve and maintain a clear complexion.

3. Dramatically Improves Hydration Levels

As we age, our skin makes less oil, making it harder for our skin to hold water. Dehydrated skin feels rough and dry and looks less healthy. The Hydraskim set helps by making our skin softer and more conditioned.

4. Boosts Radiance

The Hydraskim set can help you get healthier-looking skin. The warm steam, sonic frequency vibrations, and ions will all help to increase circulation and detoxify. This will promote the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin and encourage that healthy, lit-from-within glow.

5. Adds a Touch of Luxury to Your Self-Care Routine

Who doesn't love a bit of indulgent pampering? The gold-accented tools are already luxurious in appearance, but it also includes a bottle of Renew Essential Oil to take your self-care routine to the next level. Use a few drops of Renew essential oil for a relaxing aromatherapy session.

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24k Hydraskim Set 

Vanity Facial Steamer & Facial Spatula Bundle Set

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Purifies the skin of toxins

Promotes radiant and smooth skin

Hydrates the skin

Ultrasonic waves

Hydrates open pores 

Renew Essential Oil





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