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Instantly Reveal Smoother, Softer, More Radiant Skin With At-Home Dermaplaning

Sonicsmooth is an award-winning dermatologist approved dermaplaning system for home use that will help you to achieve your best skin ever.

This quick, easy and painless 2-in-1 hair removal and exfoliation treatment harnesses the superior skin smoothing properties of Sonic to instantly remove dead skin, build up, debris and peachfuzz.

Sonicsmooth preps the face for better skincare absorption and flawless makeup application.


No More Peach Fuzz!

Sonicsmooth is an at-home, spa grade device that allows you to safely and instantly remove unwanted vellus facial hair.

Not only inaesthetic, peach fuzz also blocks your skincare products from absorbing properly. Removing it also helps obtaining a better surface on which to apply your makeup.

Together with exfoliating your skin, sonicsmooth leaves it so smooth that your makeup glides on flawlessly.

A 2-in-1 Dermaplaning And Exfoliation Device

Sonicsmooth is a one-time weekly treatment that not only painlessly rids the complexion of unwanted facial hair but also gently exfoliates away dead skin cells, build-up and debris.

After a single treatment you will experience softer, smoother more radiant skin.


After 1 Treatment

Enjoy The Effectiveness And Safety Of Sonic Dermaplaning

Sonicsmooth harnesses the power of sonic technology in conjunction with expertly designed safety tips to create an award-winning beauty device that allows women to simply and painlessly dermaplane weekly in the comfort of their home without the expense and time commitment of the spa.

Multiple-Award Winning Technology And Innovation

The innovative hair removal and exfoliation technology of sonicsmooth has been recognized in the beauty industry.

Sonicsmooth is the winner of the 2018 allure’s Readers’ Choice Award in Best Tool Breakthrough.

It also won a 2018 YAHOO Lifestyle Diversity In Beauty Award.

Two Months Of Dermaplaning At Home In One Kit

What's in the box

1 Sonicsmooth Device Handle

8 Single-use Safety Tips (2 month supply)

1 Wireless Charging Storage Cradle

1 Wall Adapter

1 25ml/0.8 fl oz Pre-Treatment Cleaner

1 25ml/0.8 fl oz Pre-Treatment Gel

Our Sonicsmooth also features:

3 Speed Setting - Allows you to customize your sonic dermaplaning session to specifically meet your skin's needs and comfort level.

Rechargeable - USB rechargeable NiMH battery used is safe for travel in carry-on luggage or checked baggage (lithium-free).

Cord Free - Never be tethered to a wall and always have free range of motion.

2 Year Warranty - Purchase with confidence as your Sonicsmooth comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

How To Use Sonicsmooth?

User Manual

Before you begin, secure your hair off of your face. Wash face with the included pre-treatment cleanser and pat dry. With a new Safety Tip attached, power on Sonicsmooth and select the desired speed setting.

Holding the device at a 45 degrees angle, begin making short, gliding motions over the desired treatment area to remove unwanted facial hair and dead skin. When complete, power off Sonicsmooth and apply your post-treatment gel to lock in beauty benefits.

It is best to perform a sonicsmooth treatment at a time where you will not be applying makeup directly afterward.

Reveal Your Best Skin Ever In Three Simple Steps


Thoroughly cleanse with Charcoal Detox Cleanser and pat dry.


Attach new Safety Tip and choose desired speed. Glide Sonicsmooth across contours of face.


Apply After Treatment Serum to soothe, calm and hydrate the skin.

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