Expert Pedicure Smoothing Device

Smoother, softer and more attractive feet.

Perfectly polish pedi in the comfort of your own home
All Skin Types

Pedimax utilizes innovative 360° rotating discs to target rough and callused areas of skin on the feet. After just one single use, skin on the feet is instantly smoother, softer and more attractive. Pedimax’s dual treatment involves a Coarse Disc for removing the majority of dead, callused, unsightly skin and a finer disc to polish and finish the pedicure treatment. Painless and easy-to-use, Pedimax is the ideal at-home pedicure treatment for men and women of all ages. Pedimax is cordless, battery-free and USB rechargeable, making it the most convenient, simple and effective device to provide a perfectly polished pedi in the comfort of your own home. Dermatologist Approved.

System Includes:

• Pedimax Smoothing Tool
• 1 Fine Smoothing Head
• 1 Medium Smoothing Head
• 1 Coarse Smoothing Head
• Mini Cleaning Brush
• USB Charging Cable
• LED Battery Indicator


  • Features & Benefits

    2-in-1 Dual Pedicure Smoothing System

    Coarse Disc - larger abrasive particles quickly and easily provide professional-grade exfoliation to remove the bulk of rough, callused and unsightly skin on the feet

    ・Medium Disc - medium abrasive particles quickly and easily provide professional-grade exfoliation to remove the rough, callused and unsightly skin on the feet

    Fine Disc - smaller abrasive particle smooth and polish for more attractive, softer and healthier-looking skin on the feet

    360° Rotating Disc

    Allow the Pedimax’s innovative design do all the work for you! Simple and easy to use, the 360° Discs buff and smooth for a perfectly polished look and feel

    Easy On/Off Power Switch

    Designed for today’s busy man and woman. Easy On/Off Power Switch so you can avoid trying to follow complicated directions

    Ergonomic Handle Design

    Molded handle fits securely in the palm of your hand for comfort and ease of use during treatment

    USB Rechargeable

    Charged by the included USB cord. Enjoy total cord-free range of motion during treatments and never waste money or time purchasing batteries

    LED Light

    Upgraded optional light for ease of use in any lighting Device Cleaning Brush

    Quickly brush away debris for hassle-free device maintenance after a treatment

    LED Battery Indicator

    It allows you to monitor the battery percentage, so you know when is time to re-charge.


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