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If you're a guy that merely washes your face with soap and water and think that counts as skincare, it’s time for you to reevaluate your skincare game. While we are not suggesting going out and purchasing all kinds of skincare products to have an effective regimen in place, it is essential to implement a routine. And we are here to today to help you do just that with some skincare tips as well as answering some most commonly asked questions.

Is There A Difference Between Products For Men vs. Women
This was a similar question that Bravo.com asked our very own Erica Parker, Vice President of Education & Regulatory Affairs. According to Erica, “There is not a difference in the skincare needs of a man to women. While the products may smell a bit different or the packaging may be different, there is 100% no reason that men cannot use women’s skincare products and vice versa.”

Skincare Tips For Men
Men usually prefer to keep their skincare routine a bit simpler than women, and that is okay. So, today we wanted to share with you some simple tips to help you up your skincare routine.

Skincare Routine

First and foremost, YOU NEED ONE as some men do not, hence developing and maintaining a daily skincare habit is the first tip in skincare for men.

The Importance Of Shaving For Men By Michael Todd Beauty

A Smarter Shave

When To Shave
You want to make sure that you wash and exfoliate your face with sonic technology before a shave. This will allow you to get a tighter shave which equals smoother skin. Also, prepping the skin before a shave with cleansing and exfoliation will cut down on the likelihood of ingrown hairs. If you are prone to blemishes, razor rash or ingrown hairs, we recommend shaving in the evening. This way your skin can revitalize itself after the shave (exfoliation) without being clogged with SPF, sweat, pollution and on own body’s oil.

Razor Tips
You want to always shave with a sharp razor. A dull razor can cause you to apply to much pressure which can, in turn, irritate the skin or even cut the skin. Furthermore, you do not want to cheap out, hence investing in a quality razor is a must to avoid nicks, razor burns, and other skin irritations.

Water Temperature
The temperature of the water is essential. Thus, you want to avoid exposing your face to very hot water! Why? Because heat causes inflammation and inflammation can break down collagen and elastin making you age more quickly, and no one wants that!

Your Skin May Be Clean, But Is Your Towel 
After shaving your face, it’s best to pat dry with a clean towel, but is your cloth clean? Washcloths can become an ideal nesting place for the mildew, bacteria and more. The last thing you want to be doing it putting this back on your clean shaved face. While this may seem simple, it is imperative that you are using a clean, fresh towel after each shave. Why you may ask?

For this, we got with Erica Parker once again, and this is what she said: “Shaving removes a layer of dead, dull skin, it is especially important not to expose open pores to bacteria growing on an old towel. Bacteria can cause all kinds of issues aside from infections and blemishes. Bacteria can cause inflammation in the skin. Inflammation can lead to premature aging.”

Skincare Products

Look At The Ingredients
You want to be mindful of your skin type, and skin’s needs as the skincare products you choose will depend on your skin type. For example, if you have sensitive skin you want to stay away from products that have artificial fragrances and synthetics in them as these ingredients can cause your skin to become irritated and dry. Where can you get some natural skincare products like these? Well from us of course!

When To Apply
According to Erica, “Shaving is a skin treatment in itself. It’s an excellent daily anti-aging skincare treatment to help slough off that dead, dull skin and make room for fresh new skin to emerge. So, having a product like The Michael Todd Daily Renewal Serum to apply after shaving is a must." This antioxidant-rich daily wear serum is the perfect choice to use after shaving for all skin types, plus it is loaded with power-packed vitamins, COQ10, and lightweight hydration. You can then finish with a skin type specific moisturizer.

Check the Expiration Date On Your Skincare Products
Unlike women, most men are not on top of their skincare and can neglect an essential aspect of it, which is to make sure to check the shelf life on these and don’t hesitate to discard any outdated products. Skincare products are always evolving, so when you get rid of older products, you make room for formulas that contain the latest advancements in the beauty industry. So, if you have wanted to indulge in some great skincare products, this is an excellent time to go and splurge on yourself.

Wear A Sunscreen
Men are usually more physically active outdoors than women thus to help prevent sun damage that can lead to premature aging, wrinkles, sun spots and even skin cancer, before going outdoors, always apply sunscreen to all exposed areas of skin.

In conclusion, just like women, every man’s skin is different, but when it comes to skincare, there are is not a one size fits all. But what is for sure is that if you don’t have a skincare regimen in place, hopefully after reading this you will!


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